About Clementine

Natural Born Baker
Natural Born Baker – me (6 month old)

Hello, I’m Clementine. I’m a baker cat.

I sleep. I stretch. I scratch. I whisk and bake. And I purr. That’s my life when I’m not meeting The Queen or flighting a snow monster.

I was born in South London, but I moved to my now-owner’s home in North London when I was 3 month-old. That’s where I learn how to crack eggs and whisk cream. Then, I recently moved back to the South again.

I don’t like my cakes too sweet. Sickly sugary cakes make me want to cough up hairballs. In my philosophy, a good cake should make you want to lick off your plates. I’m a cat. I like my life simple, so my baking are fuss-free. But, it doesn’t mean my cakes are no fun. I like getting adventurous with flavours. Life is short, mix it up. That’s what I say.


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