Beautiful Blogger Award!

bblogger1Hello, I’m Clementine the Baker Cat. I was recently nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award by Bec from What’s Bec Cooking, where she shares her Asian-inspired dish and healthy dessert recipes. I’m not sure about the origin of this award, but it seems to be an award that is given by bloggers to other bloggers to encourage connection and support within the blogging community and to celebrate beautiful blogs. Isn’t this ‘pay it forward’ spirit a lovely idea?

I’m a baker, not a movie star, so making a speech isn’t my forte. I’ll keep this ‘thank you’ speech sweet and short:

I just want to thank Bec, who kindly nominated me for this award and brought me the wonderful news. It certainly made my day!

Also, thanks to those who have been visiting and reading The Cat’s Whisk. It’s been almost a year since my first post. At the beginning I wasn’t sure if I could find any audience for the hairy baker and her unusual baking adventures. It seems I was wrong. I really appreciate those encouraging comments on my posts. They are warmer and nicer than radiators on cold winter days.

And massive thanks to David, Naomi and Ian, who have patiently read my stories literally word by word and corrected my kitty English. I couldn’t achieved this without your help.

Last but not least, a big love to my owner, who puts up with my impulsive and noisy midnight baking.


Clementine xxx

– Link the blogger who nominated you.
– List seven random things about yourself.
– Nominate seven creative, beautiful bloggers.
– Notify the people that you nominate.


1 – I like yoga.

This is how to do perfect downward dog.
This is how to do perfect downward dog.

2 – I have had an afternoon tea with the Queen.

3 – I’m a big fan and good friend of Audrey Hepburn.

Admiring Audrey.
Admiring Audrey.

4 – I still believe in Santa.

5 – I’m a member of a bird-watching society.

6 – I have been to outer space.

7 – I like blogging.

FullSizeRender (1)


Chez Moi – a food & travel blog full of healthy recipes and beautiful photos.

Cakes The Biscuit – Rae makes simple yet scrumptious cakes and takes portraits of beautiful people.

Angie & James Do Stuff – a food & travel blog full of holiday and tea time inspirations.

Something Clean Something Green – Ted cooks something clean and green and beautiful.

Mon’s Tasty Life – Mon cooks tasty Taiwanese dishes.

Feeding My Vintage Addiction – Anastasia shares her yummy recipes and beauty tips.

Nutmeg & Honeybee – Meghan’s biscuits are work of art!

The Beautiful Blogging Award goes to... Clementine!
The Beautiful Blogger Award goes to… Clementine!

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Blogger Award!

  1. Thank you Clementine for the nomination and yet another utterly charming post! It was wonderful to get further insights into your personality, and I must say that I am very envious of your perfect yoga form. Inspiring!

    Liked by 1 person

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